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    Forensic Science Expert & Consultant

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    Forensic Training and Instruction

    30+ Years of Law Enforcement Experience


    Forensic Laboratory Consultant

    Former ANAB Accredited Forensic Lab Director


    Forensic Lab Technical Report Review

    Expert Forensic Review of 500+ Cases

    Edward “Chip” Pollock

    Experience Matters

    When you need a reliable, knowledgeable, unbiased forensic science expert, Broad Spectrum Forensics is the company to call. We are an independent forensic consultant service operated by Edward “Chip” Pollock, a forensic science expert and forensic laboratory consultant with more than three decades of experience in the field.

    Pollock also has more than 20 years of instruction and training in multiple forensic science disciplines. He has extensive expertise as a forensic science expert and has provided forensic case review and forensic expert witness testimony in more than 500 cases. He is a retired director of a nationally accredited forensic laboratory and is a qualified forensic expert and forensic consultant in trace evidence, crime scene processing, and crime scene reconstruction.

    Expert Forensic Consultant Services

    Forensic Case Review, Consultation and Training

    • Fire Debris Analysis
    • Fabric and Fibers
    • Glass
    • Paint and Polymers
    • Tape
    • General Physical and Chemical Unknown Material
    • Physical Fit Analysis
    • Crime Scene Investigation
    • Crime Scene Reconstruction
    • Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation and Analysis
    • Training for the legal community on the usefullness of forensic science
    • …and more

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